Trends in web design 2019

Trends in web design

What trends in web design are going to develop this next year?

We take a quick review at some of the most important ones to stay up to date.

As Heraclitus said:

“There is nothing permanent except change”

Trends in Web Design 2019


The time of the 12-point typographies and texts impossible to read unless you were operated out of sight are over.

Giant headlines on top of the photos, being the real protagonists.


Own personality

Everyone has access to file images. For this reason, it is increasingly necessary to have a visual personality of your own. Illustrations that transmit your brand in a unique way.



Anti-standard : The search for the eclectic

Having a “nice” design nowadays is very easy. However, differentiation is vital, more and more, and that is why we should avoid, as much as we can, standards and repeat formulas. If this is you then you have to surprise your audience from the first second.


Colour explosion

Gone are the muted tones. It is the time of uncovering and we are living an authentic renaissance of creativity in terms of colors, shapes, and animations.



We’ve already had a few years of typographic creativity. This next year will be no less and we will continue to see an explosion of typographic creativity. From brands that make their own fonts (and of course they are mostly available to everyone) to impossible combinations. And if we can, by the way, we encourage them.


And of course…

Mobile First

Nothing new here but we need to keep remembering it. We say goodbye little by little to the desktop website so that everything becomes more mobile. It is time to adapt everything to the mobile user, to the different resolutions that we use on a day-to-day basis while we eat, walk, etc.

Load speed

How fast is it? Then more. The faster your content loads, the better for everyone. You will not lose visits, Google will treat you better.


We continue to hit bingo with the One-page. It seems that we will continue to see single-page websites. And not only the usual downward scroll, but also increasingly with the horizontal scrolls.

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