Keyword research ought to be at the heart of your site’s design and development plan.

Keywords are the compass for your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Your website can be your most valuable marketing tool when it is designed to attract and convert users.

Keyword research done correctly can help align your web content with user search queries. When you know what users want, you’ll be able to create engaging content that will answer their questions and they can enjoy.


The percentage of web visits that originate from a search engine. (source: Conductor)

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Strategically plan your web pages

Keyword research ensures your website is appropriate for people visiting your site.

The importance of keyword research cannot be underestimated. Right now, people are typing search queries into Google ( 92.92% ) looking for products or services you provide. Will they be able to find you or wind up on a competitor’s website?

To appear in more search queries and reach more users your content has to include strategically selected keywords. Artiosdev has the best keyword research tools to help you shoot up the search engine result pages.

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Your sitemap should be built around pertinent subject matters

Keywords will help determine the structure of your content.

Creating a sitemap is very important when it comes to optimising your website. A sitemap provides search engines with an outline of how your website is laid out. It shows which links on a web page will go to what pages and from what pages you can next travel to from there.

All you keywords work in sync to tell the full story of your site. When you have many pages about particular topics, and they are all optimised for a theme of keywords, then your website altogether will be relevant for not just a single keyword, but a full range of keywords.

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Define specific topics for each page

Assign one topic to a single page to ensure a highly targeted experience.

All Websites are looking for visitors. The good thing is that the internet is full of visitors looking for sites to visit. Some sites will however be waiting a long time.

Artiosdev can help you find the best keywords and make your website easy to find by making it relevant for specific topics.

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Make your business appear in more searches and get more traffic

Better keyword research can help you create relevant content for your site visitors.

Your website should have well-structured pages and sticky content to ensure that visitors stay once they arrive. Web pages and keywords have to be in sync. Content structured in such a way as to build trust with your audience.

Then direct your visitors to a desired course of action that inspires engagement and brings in new quality leads.

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