Websites have a greater potential for success when their performance can be measured and crucial decisions are based on visitors’ behaviour.

Artiosdev’s web strategy experts are on hand to consult on ways to optimise your site, turning visitors into customers. See how you can increase rankings and targeted traffic with an analytics review.


The percentage of clients that do not have Google Analytics properly set up before working with us.

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Verifying proper Google Analytics setup

Google Analytics, Search Console & Tag Manager set up and integrated.

We’ll start by confirming your analytics tools are set up properly, including correct integration of Google AdWords reports. The Analytics data should be precise and actionable first and foremost.

Then, we will set up goals and funnels based on your business objectives. And lastly, we will filter ourselves (as well as bots and spiders) from your traffic reports. The data should be as clean, precise and actionable as possible.

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Aligned with business goals for continuous optimisation

A website should be dynamic. Your business never stands still, so why should your website

Here’s why the path to Intelligent marketing involves making routine updates and conclusions based on metrics, not speculation. We will build you a website optimised for Search Engine Optimisation and conversions.

To get the most from your investment and maximize your results, regular checks on the data are crucial.

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Continuous reporting & automation

It does get easier over time

Analytics do take some time to set up. Once they are set up though, the data comes to you. We have various tools at our disposal to serve up data in a number of formats:

  • Custom dashboards tailored to your traffic and business goals.
  • Email reports generated automatically on a regular basis.
  • Intelligence events that send you alerts when there are peaks and troughs in the data.
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Analyzing web traffic and conversions

The ABC of Google Analytics

In the Google Analytics dashboard are the ABC of the funnel. Our focus for this aspect of the analytics review is on Acquisitions, Behaviour, and Conversion.

We’ll document those areas that are working well and also where we can optimise. We will investigate acquisition (What brought visitors to your site?), top pages and paths, behaviour (What did the visitors do once they got there?), page values, and conversion (Did they do what you wanted them to do?).

How well do you know your visitors?

Are you certain your site meets the needs of your visitors?

Gain intelligent insights into your visitors and make data-driven decisions that engage the people visiting and using your site.

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